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Breath Mindfulness Meditation for Beginners

Breath Mindfulness Meditation for Beginners

Price: $19.99

In this course, you will get introduced to one of the most simplest forms of meditation. You will get an unique opportunity to learn Scientific Meditation Wisdom for transforming your personal and professional life.

The course will teach you tools & techniques to reprogram the way you think and feel so that you can create a greater future for yourselves and get inspired.

It is broadly acknowledged by the Medical Profession that Meditation helps developing and maintaining a good physical and mental health and vitality. And that meditation can also contribute to recovering even from serious illnesses.

Happiness, Sadness, Success or Failure are all really within us. “Suffering is due to individual ignorance” as said by Gautam Buddha. We move from ignorance to knowledge as we embark on this inner journey & understand spirituality through the domain of Quantum physics and neuroscience.

What is Meditation?

  • Meditation is a practice where an individual uses a technique – such as breath mindfulness meditation, focusing the mind on one’s natural breath – to train both attention and awareness, which allows to quiet the mind, achieve the cessation of the restless thought-stream of the mind and reach a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state.

  • On average, a human being has between 50 000 to 80 000 thoughts arising in a day, with each thought consuming one’s energy. Most of these thoughts are repetitive, dwelling in the past or worrying about the future and nourishing negative emotions and feelings. Altogether often preventing us from truly living our present and from achieving our goals and dreams.

  • The goal of meditation is to empty the mind. To access to a state free from all stray and idyllic thoughts, a state of emptiness in which lies infinite quantum energy. Meditation is the gateway to build energy, to knowing our-self, to explore our inner limitless potential and connect with the intelligence that surrounds us.

What are benefits of Meditation?

There are thousands of surveys, publications and books from the medical, neuroscience, academic and business instances about the benefits of mindfulness and meditation.

The most common observed benefits include:

· Reduce Stress

· Increase energy, improves Physical and Mental health and wellbeing

· Increase productivity and enhances creativity

· Develop confidence and intuition

· Increase thought power and ability to learn and memorize

· Boost emotional intelligence and empathy

· Improve relationships and collaboration

· Build resilience, agility and adaptability

· Improve concentration, focus and calmness

· Improve clarity and decision making

· Grow a sense of gratitude and appreciation


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