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Build a database program with ASP.NET 4.5

Build a database program with ASP.NET 4.5

Price: $79.99


Dear Student’s welcome to my course.

This course will give you the necessary knowledge to advance your skills in web programming from basic to intermediary level.

If you want to select my course you need to have a basic knowledge of using Visual Studio like loading an existing project, use the toolbox that consists of various useful components that are essential to help us build the project plus a beginner’s knowledge of Visual Basic programming language.

In this course we will build step by step an application which will have access to a database consisting of Customers placing Orders and Performing transactions.

This is an intermediary level course so the student that will choose this course must have a basic knowledge of Visual Basic Programming and how to use Visual Studio tools in general.

Through this course i will describe all the web pages that the application consists off and the programming code that is behind each page.

The code is very well commented so that the student will understand the logic.

The application will be presented to you step by step in run mode to see how it works.

Each lecture consists of a video tutorial that describes every web page in design mode. Last chapter will demonstrate in a video lecture how the whole program works both in design and later in running mode.

At the end of the lectures the program will be available to you so that you can open each page and view it in design view and in running mode.

I sincerely hope that you will like my tutorial and you will be able to gain much programming experience in ASP.NET

Your Instructor

Stelios Michaelides


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