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Build and craft Virtual Reality experiences (2021)

Build and craft Virtual Reality experiences (2021)

Price: $89.99

We all heard about virtual reality, how cool it is and what we can do with it and how it’s becoming a major thing in the days to come.
But what if, instead of playing with other persons projects you build your own ?

The goal of this course is to give you the knowledge needed to start building your virtual reality projects using simple assets ( Google’s Cardboard and a gamepad) with Unity 3D software so you can also be part of this new revolution.
Since Unity 3D is an evolving platform your projects will most automatically suit the latest virtual reality devices and you won’t have graphical or other limitations, you will be on the edge of this awesome technology.

I have been developing virtual reality experiences since 2014 and although I work as a CTO virtual reality is still one of my favorite hobbies and this course helps me to share with the rest of the world what I learned and help others improving their skills.

Extended version: New lessons on how to build a virtual museum tour where the user interacts with the game objects via head movement and lesson on how to create SQL database connection and query to your Unity projects.

Checkout more information about this and other courses at hackademy tk


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