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Build Portfolio App | With ReactJS & Bootstrap 4

Build Portfolio App | With ReactJS & Bootstrap 4

Price: $49.99

This course for those who want to learn two technologies as React & Bootstrap and how to build professional applications with these popular technologies?!

In this project, I’ll show you step by step on how to use those two technologies. You will learn how to use tools as React Hooks, bootstrap, react-particles, react-popupbox(to create modal window), react-responsive-carousel, you’ll learn how to use git and how to create Github repositories how to use GitFlow how do upload the project from Github to your machine and code editor and much much more.

So what you should know to feel comfortable during this course?!

— Basic HTML & CSS

–Basic JavaScript as what is variable, object, arrays, functions.

The students will learn:

Bootstrap 4 (basics),

React Hooks (basics),

How to use Git (basics),

How to use upload project to the GitHub (basics),

GitFlow Basics pull-request, merge pull-request (basics),

React Particles JS Library (basics),

React-Popupbox Library fancy modal windows (basics)

React Responsive Carousel (basics),

React-Share Library (social icons) (basics),

React-Scroll Library (basics),

React-Typed Library (basics),

Mobile-Friendly Development (basics),

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