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Camunda BPM-An Overview of Workflow and Decision automation

Camunda BPM-An Overview of Workflow and Decision automation

Price: $49.99

Camunda is an open-source business process management (BPMN 2.0) and a low-code development platform.

Camunda uses (BPMN 2.0) for process design and extends it with case management (CMMN 1.1 ).

User experience in designing Business Rules:

  • Camunda provides many ways to write business decisions and comply with DMN 1.3(Decision Model and notation ).

  • Camunda provides Case management design using the CMMN 1.1 (Case management and modeling and notation)

  • Transforms process into user-friendly applications.

Time-to-market: Fast implementation and thanks to the coverage by the product of all what is it needed to build modern business solution based on process and data integration – possibility to cover a lot of different business cases ( from purely human process-oriented cases to more complex cases involving data gathering and other system integration ).


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