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CAPM® Certification: CAPM Exam Cram – Get your CAPM!

CAPM® Certification: CAPM Exam Cram – Get your CAPM!

Price: $39.99


> Review everything you should know for the CAPM Exam!

Let’s say you have completed my 23-contact hour CAPM Exam Prep Course, or another course satisfying this condition. Before taking the CAPM exam, it is a good idea to review what you have studied. I know that reviewing such a course including 23 hours of content is very hard, and it might be time-consuming. This is why I have created this Cram course.

> This is the course which will make you save time!

In this short but effective course, you will find every CAPM exam topic explained. I will explain the concepts in a short but effective way, therefore, besides reviewing everything, you will save time.

> All the project management processes are covered!

In this Cram course, I will talk about everything you need to know for the exam. All the knowledge areas and project management processes are covered in this course!

> Earn 14 PDUs!

Although this course is designed for CAPM Exam, you can still use it for earning PDUs (if you are a PMP).

5 Project Management Process Groups:

  • Initiating Process Group

  • Planning Process Group

  • Executing Process Group

  • Monitoring & Controlling Process Group

  • Closing Process Group

10 Knowledge Areas:

  • Integration Management

  • Scope Management

  • Schedule Management

  • Cost Management

  • Quality Management

  • Resource Management

  • Communications Management

  • Risk Management

  • Procurement Management

  • Stakeholder Management

  • Based on the PMBOK Guide 6th Edition

  • 14 hours of comprehensive course content

  • Including 100+ exam questions

  • Clear, Concise, Easy to Understand

  • Earn 14 PDUs

Disclaimer: PMI, PMBOK, PMP, and CAPM are registered trademarks of the Project Management Institute.

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