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Career Planning Masterclass for Young Professionals

Career Planning Masterclass for Young Professionals

Price: $89.99

Every year, 2 million college graduates enter the job market hoping to snag a great job and jumpstart their career. However, figuring out what to do for a living, where to work, and how to build your brand is not easy. Career planning takes work, and this course is your shortcut!

Join Jacob Morris, a career coach and experienced Fortune 100 hiring manager in this masterclass that will take you step-by-step through everything you need to do to be find a job you love and excel to the next level in your career.

This masterclass features 184 lectures with over 4 hours of learning and a proprietary 68 page workbook that will change your life and set you up for career success.

You will learn to:

  • Discover yourself – your strengths, values, and how they relate to your work

  • Explore your career options – explore the types of careers and Holland’s theory of career choice

  • Refine your career options – nail down your top career opportunities

  • Build your personal brand – follow the 3-steps to personal growth

  • Write a winning resume and cover letter – get the resume template that Fortune 100 employees use most

  • Create a compelling LinkedIn presence – leverage social media to sell your talents

  • Discover the best employers in your industry – review award-winning companies

  • Optimize the job search process – stop scouring the web and setup automatic alerts

  • Build your network – learn 7 powerful steps to rock star networking

  • Create your job search action plan – keep yourself accountable with your own action plan

  • Prepare for your interview – what to wear, what to bring, create a 90-day plan or portfolio

  • Study the most common interview questions – review and examine 34 questions one by one

  • Negotiate the best salary – 9 important parts to negotiating and accepting a salary (or not)

  • Navigate your first 90 days on the job – review best practices for the first 30-60-90 days on the job

  • Set yourself up for your next promotion – learn the mindset of high performers

This course is designed recent college grads, college students, emerging professionals already in the workplace, Fortune 500 job seekers, high school graduates, and even young adults who may be exploring professional careers without a college education. This course is designed for the next generation of leaders who want support navigating the career planning process.


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