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Career Success, Step by Step

Career Success, Step by Step

Price: $39.99

Many people are unhappy or unsuccessful in their career–unnecessarily. That’s why I created this course. It distills what I’ve learned from having been a career coach to 4,800 clients with a 96% client-satisfaction rate.

Get what you need for career success

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • Two potent but not-obvious ways to find the right career for you. And if you’re already in a career, these approaches will give you reassurance you’re in the right career–or suggest that you might want to consider a change.
  • Best practices for landing a good job in a tight market. The standard, sterile resume, LinkedIn profile, and cover letter are not enough. You’ll learn what works best today.
  • How to find the right career training for you–in or out of school.
  • Important but not obvious strategies for becoming successful in your career: managing stress, time, procrastination, and even your boss.

Why this course

When I started out as a career counselor, almost 30 years ago now, I followed the standard advice: Give career “tests” , help clients write resumes and cover letters using job-seeker language like “He drove profitability” and “She saved the company $9 ziillion.”

The trouble is, that those don’t work as well today yet, too often, that’s still the advice given. And it’s not enough to convert your resume into a LinkedIn profile and consider careers that are off-shore resistant. I created this course to help today’s career-minded person.

Join me

I hope you’ll join me and take this course. You’ll find it jam-packed with not-obvious, helpful nugget. And it’s enjoyable–no boring lectures, I promise!

And if you do your part, this course could well change your life.

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