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Careers in futuristic STEM technologies

Careers in futuristic STEM technologies

Price: $49.99

This course is a one-of-its-kind program for children above between ages 7-17 years. It offers unique courses that are rarely available for kids in spite of their high future-demand forecast. Courses based on Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Online Marketing, App development, e-commerce, and artificial intelligence are the need of the hour. All sessions are therefore future-focused that are designed according to the “future of work”. These are also exclusive as they are designed by experts but delivered by young instructors who can connect with kids better. Being cost-effective, we intend kids all over the world to be benefitted by it.

Ever thought about how much our kids are confused with the idea of the future and their career? Research says more than half of high-school students across the country do not feel they’re ready for college and careers, even though these remain top goals for students, We all know that every child has a unique talent, liking and disliking. Our goal should be to know our children and guide and hone them for a future career that they will love to pursue. People who could identify a goal of their liking and pursue it, are more likely to feel satisfied with their lives and likely to feel more positive about themselves.

These are rising concerns and after a lot of research Moonshot Jr has come up with a novel concept through our course that gives young learners a chance to know early what streams they are interested in, learn about them, and in turn decide which ones they would like to pursue in college and in their careers. Moreover, this course will follow a novel delivery mechanism – to be delivered by young instructors under the guidance of Moonshot Jr experts, the latter of whom will design and develop all courses. We have done multiple prototyping of the courses and have come to the conclusion that children understand children/young adults better, and connect with them at a higher level. Moreover, exclusive streams such as artificial intelligence, online marketing, e-commerce, app development, design, and editing, are not available for kids. Why devoid them of crucial knowledge that can shape their present and future better? All our research and studies have pointed out the importance of the course. The novelty, vision, creativity, and execution of this exclusive program need immense support and what better platform to get interaction, feedback, and support


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