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Certified English Learner’s Mixed lessons Course

Certified English Learner’s Mixed lessons Course

Price: $19.99


Sample prose fiction and nonfiction lesson

Some people just can’t wake up early in the morning and would rather sleep late.

The reason why both studying late and studying early in the morning click is because most people are generally asleep at that time. There is silence and not much else to distract your mind.

That being said, sleeping on time and waking up early comes with its health benefits.

It is not as if there is no substance in what your father, mother or grandparents have been telling you all this while.

At the cost of being a bit philosophical, keeping yourself tuned to nature serves you the best.

There is a reason why the sun shines during a period of time, and there is darkness for another period of time.

One half of the day is meant to work, and the other half is meant to rest.

Self-preservation is more of a figurative concern now, centered on our reputations rather than our actual physical lives.

While that means that most of us live long, relatively safe lives, it also means that our desire for adventure is largely unfulfilled.

Few of us are satisfied with a safe existence. As a result, we have to intentionally seek out adventure and meaning.

That tension between adventure, meaning, and risk of death runs throughout The Iliad.

Sample grammar lesson

A restrictive clause restricts or defines the meaning of a noun or noun phrase and provides necessary information about the noun in the sentence.

It is not separated from the rest of the sentence by commas. Restrictive clauses are more common in writing than nonrestrictive clauses.

A restrictive clause is also sometimes referred to as an essential clause or phrase.


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