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Certified English  lessons learning  & Indian Dance lessons

Certified English lessons learning & Indian Dance lessons

Price: $24.99

Dual course lesson benefit. Indian classical dance and English vocabulary practice skills with miscellaneous topic lessons

Mixed variety topic lessons

All subjects require a medium of instruction or learning.

The universal language for that is English.

Grammar, pronounciation lessons and learning with varied activity makes for interesting education content.

This is attemped here.

A short example word transcript of a sample audiovisual lecture of some of the course video lessons, done in my courses, in this education platform are these examples, given below.

The captions make it more informative and are a lesson in itself, for spelling purposes and simultaneously pronounciation skills learning too.

Example one

Question tags use the same tense as the main sentence, but usually if the sentence is positive, the tag is negative and when the sentence is negative, the tag is positive.

We make the question tag using the subject from the sentence, but we always use a pronoun (so, if the subject is ‘Lucy’ we use ‘she’ and if the subject is ‘the children’, we use ‘they’.

Example two

Word transcript of a lecture

You can efficiently multitask

Multitasking is one skill set every individual need to attain. A bilingual can multitask very well, as his brain is trained to think and act in different languages. As they can switch efficiently between two languages, they swiftly multitask too.

Example three

Having a group of students being dismissed during class sets an example to their peers that it is okay to avoid topics that cause discomfort.

If students keep using these safe spaces, this will become a crutch and impede students’ abilities to challenge their knowledge.


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