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CFO to Board Seat: What you Need to Know

CFO to Board Seat: What you Need to Know

Price: $24.99

Is a board seat right for you? In this course, corporate governance expert, Dr. Donna Hamlin, CEO of Intrabond Capital and Marilyn Nagel, CEO of Watermark Association provide an in-depth introduction to the realm of board service. Whether you are planning to seek your own board appointment or would like to work better with your company’s board, this course provides you with the context, information and scope of what it means to be part of any board of directors.

We cover:

  • Types of boards and how they are used in different types of corporations (e.g., public, private, municipal, non-profit and advisory)

  • Requirements and expectations of board directors

  • Fiduciary responsibilities

  • Bylaws and Articles of Organization

  • Potential liabilities and exposure of board members

  • Diversity in the boardroom

  • Developing a personal plan to secure a board seat


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