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Chef Essentials: Mastering the Basics of Config Management

Chef Essentials: Mastering the Basics of Config Management

Price: $79.99

Are you looking to advance your IT career? Do you want to automate your System Administrator tasks on-prem or in the cloud so you can focus on the value-add problems? Would your organization benefit from faster, standardized, and predictable server automation? Are you trying to transform your legacy IT services into a DevOps model?

Then you need to take this course and start taking advantage of this amazing tool!

The Chef Essentials course will teach you the fundamentals of Chef, including how to install the Chef Development Kit, writing cookbooks and recipes, how to use recipe sub-components, and how to test your recipes locally.

This course includes reference materials and simple examples designed to help you build a solid foundation of Chef and configuration management knowledge. The course is primarily in video lecture format, but also includes quizzes throughout the course to check your comprehension and hands on projects to build real world experience.

It will take you roughly one week to accomplish Chef Essentials, depending on how much time you can dedicate to the course each day. The course is structured in two major sections, an Overview section and a Deep Dive section. The Overview section is designed to demonstrate the power of Chef, explain fundamental concepts, and explain Chef-centric terminology. The Deep Dive section will be comprised of lectures and hands on labs to teach you about:

  • Cookbooks
  • Recipes, including dependencies and ‘include’ statements
  • Templates
  • Attributes
  • Libraries
  • Troubleshooting

Chef experience can be a differentiator when looking for a new role and make you invaluable in your current position. Chef can automate your server configuration and is a crucial piece of any delivery toolchain. Chef provides the simple, reliable automation you need for configuration management, and this course provides the quickest path to leveraging Chef.

I look forward to you joining my course.


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