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Chemical Engineering as a Professional Career

Chemical Engineering as a Professional Career

Price: $49.99

Ever wonder about Engineering? Or more specifically, about Chemical Engineering?

We will guide you through all the required information in order to let you know if Chemical Engineering is for you! We start from simple stuff such as the required education, what you will learn, student life, and what you will actually need for your professional life.

  • What is Engineering and Chemical Engineering?
  • What is the structure of the ChemE Study Curriculum?
  • How can you get the most of your ChemE student life
  • Where can a Chemical Engineer work and which type of
  • Average salaries around the world for recent ChemE grads and Senior level
  • Applying for Academic Institutions for a Bachelor/Master and Exchange Programs
  • Applying for a Job posting
  • Real life examples of Chemical Engineers working!

After this course you will definitively be sure if you want to become a Chemical Engineer or not! Money back guarantee!

About your instructor:

I majored in Chemical Engineering with a minor in Industrial Engineering back in 2012.


  • International Baccalaureate Program
  • Mexico 2011 Chemistry Olympiad Squad – 3rd Place
  • ITESM – Major in Chemical Engineering with a minor in Industrial Engineering 2012.
  • Toastmaster Member since 2014, President 2017-2018


  • Basic/Design Engineer – Petrochemical Plant – Isopentane/Cyclopentane. Koln, Germany
  • Process Engineer – Fine Automotive Yarns. Monterrey, Mexico
  • Process Engineer – Industrial Yarn. Monterrey, Mexico
  • Online Tutor Chemical Engineering + Chemsitry

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