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Chinese Business Etiquette: 5 Steps to Excel and Impress!

Chinese Business Etiquette: 5 Steps to Excel and Impress!

Price: $84.99

Are you toasting properly at Chinese banquets? How do you greet your mainland Chinese partner?

​With China’s growing importance in the international stage, it is unquestionably crucial to understand local Chinese etiquette and protocol. Especially Chinese culture, in general, tends to be highly sensitive to what others do. Knowing the dos and taboos when dealing with business partners and clients from this most ancient culture will significantly improve your effectiveness in business and social arenas.

Understanding Chinese business etiquette, rules, and taboos will help you succeed in doing business in China. It’s essential for anyone who wishes to and has business interactions with Chinese to understand, especially critical to business Executives leading the internationalization phase of any organization.

This is a very comprehensive course covering a range of topics; from greeting to making introductions, using the correct forms and titles, tips on Chinese business meetings, being a host or guest at Chinese business meals, gifting etiquette to key Chinese concepts and more.

​This course will provide participants with working knowledge of China in order to enhance and manage cross-cultural relationships.

Topics Include:

  • Greetings

    • Introductions and taking leave

    • Conversation Do’s and Don’ts

    • Business Cards

  • Conducting Business Meetings

    • Welcoming guests & Entering the room​

    • Small talk & Use of Silence

    • Social Media for Business in China

  • Chinese Dinning Etiquette

    • Precedence and Seating

    • Chinese cuisine, Table manners and toasting

    • After diner

  • Chinese psychology and non-verbal communication

    • Mianzi – the importance of face​

    • How do Chinese perceive and make use of “Guanxi” (network)

    • Chinese gestures which maybe confusing to Westerners

    • Gift giving

So the next time you visit China or interact with your Chinese business partners and clients, you will become very confident, comfortable and ready to impress them!

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