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Circuit Design, Analysis and Spice modeling using Multisim

Circuit Design, Analysis and Spice modeling using Multisim

Price: $19.99

This coursework is on Multisim. In this coursework students will get opportunities to simulate, design and analyse the analog and digital electronic circuits along with Spice Modeling.

Some of the circuits includes Slew Rate calculation circuit, RC Circuit, Voltage Regulator, Half wave rectifier, NOR Gate using CMOS, AND Gate etc.

In this coursework all the relevant materials related to Multisim has been included. Students will gain a comprehensive knowledge once they finish this coursework.

This coursework is two hours fifteen minutes long. So a serious engagement with this course will hardly take a day to have a firm grip on Multisim.

This course has been structured in the following ways :

1. Circuit design of Analog and Digital Circuits.

2. Circuit analysis .

3. Brief description of each circuit and its operational methodology.

4. Spice modeling .

Right from beginners to those who are interested in quick refresh of Multisim should take this course. This coursework has everything that a beginner wish i.e. circuit design, analysis, description of the circuit and spice modeling. For those who wish a quick refresher for them this coursework has been made as short as possible.

So, this coursework should be taken by all those who has a strong desire to understand electronics in details.


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