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CISM Incident Management Answer and Certified Practice Exam

CISM Incident Management Answer and Certified Practice Exam

Price: $94.99

Sample Questions

Q) Which of the following is an example of a correction control?

a) Redirect incoming traffic to respond to a denial of service (DoS) attacks

b) Filtering network traffic to the internal network based on

c) Check the incoming network traffic for viruses

d) Log incoming network traffic

e) None

Q) In order to determine how the security breach occurred in the company’s network, pay attention to safety in the storage of different devices. Which of the following best Facilitates correlation and review of these magazines?

a) Database ~~ POS = TRUNC server ~~ POS = HEAD COMP

b) Domain Name Server (DNS)

c) time server

d) proxy

e) None

Q) The organization had a number of attacks on the network that everyone seems to have originated inside. The best approach is to:

a) It requires the use of strong passwords.

b) assign a static IP-address.

c) centralized logging software support.

d) installing an intrusion detection system (IDS).

e) None

Q) A serious vulnerability has been reported in the firewall software that is used by the organization. Which of the following factors should be immediate measures for information security management?

a) Make sure that all OS patches are updated

b) Block inbound traffic until a suitable solution is not found

c) Get advice from your firewall manufacturer

d) Order penetration test

e) None


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