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CISM Incident Management Response Certified Practice Exam

CISM Incident Management Response Certified Practice Exam

Price: $94.99

Sample Questions:

The FIRST priority when responding to a major security incident is:





Which of the following is the MOST important to ensure a successful recovery?

Backup media is stored offsite

Recovery location is secure and accessible

More than one hot site is available

Network alternate links are regularly tested

Which of the following is the MOST important element to ensure the success of a disaster recovery test at a vendor-provided hot site?

Tests are scheduled on weekends

Network IP addresses are predefined

Equipment at the hot site is identical

Business management actively participates

At the conclusion of a disaster recovery test, which of the following should ALWAYS be performed prior to leaving the vendor’s hot site facility?

Erase data and software from devices

Conduct a meeting to evaluate the test

Complete an assessment of the hot site provider

Evaluate the results from all test scripts

An incident response policy must contain:

updated call trees.

escalation criteria.

press release templates.

critical backup files inventory.

The BEST approach in managing a security incident involving a successful penetration should be to:

allow business processes to continue during the response.

allow the security team to assess the attack profile.

permit the incident to continue to trace the source.

examine the incident response process for deficiencies.


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