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CISM Information Security Program Development Practice Exam

CISM Information Security Program Development Practice Exam

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Sample Questions

Q) security training, is likely to lead to any of the following?

a) Reduced incidents of penetration

b) Increased reported cases

c) Reducing the Political Security changes

d) Increasing the access violation

e) None

Q) information classification system should:

a) consider the potential consequences of a security breach.

b) classifying personal information in electronic form.

c) by Information Manager.

d) classification system in accordance with the processed data.

e) None

Q) Which of the following is the best way to provide a new user with the original password to access the e-mail system?

a) INTER system creates a complex password with the start of 30 days

b) Give the password for dummy phone kit for immediate expiration

c) It does not require a password, but force the user to install their own within 10 days

d) Set an initial password equal to the user ID of the end of the 30 days

e) None

Q) Information security should be supported:

a) management infrastructure.

b) business audit section.

c) The main owners of business processes

d) information management.

e) None

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