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CISSP Management Identity and Access Practice Exam

CISSP Management Identity and Access Practice Exam

Price: $94.99

Sample Questions

Q) Which of the following attack is also known as the time of registration (TOC) / Time of use (TOU)?

a) eavesdropping

b) Traffic Analysis Analysis ~~ POS = HEAD COMP

c) mask

d) A race condition

e) None

Q) What access control model works best in an environment that requires a high level of safety and requiring that only the administrator provides access control?

a) DAC

b) MAC

c) access control matrix


e) None

Q) In order to better describe the tool (ie remote, calculator, memory card, or a smart card), which is used to deliver dynamic password?

a) tickets

b) tokens

c) Handover data network

d) coupons

e) None

Q) Confidential number that is used as an authentication factor to monitor a user’s identity is called:

a) PIN

b) user

c) password

d) Call

e) None


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