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ConnectE Social Media App in Android Studio – JAVA  Firebase

ConnectE Social Media App in Android Studio – JAVA Firebase

Price: $19.99

Become a professional Android Application Developer in 2020 by learning the most in demand Android skills such as Animations, Firebase, Adapters, Recycler Views, Customized UIs. This is the course which you are looking to become fully professional Android Application Developer after getting bored from lengthy courses and basic concepts in 2020.

This course covers all the major concepts that you need to develop a professional application for Android Operating System in order to get hired in industry or to complete your university projects.

  1. I update the course on regular basis so that if some new library or dependency come into market I will update the course accordingly.

  2. I have not concentrated on explaining the basic concepts through slides or with small examples but I have implemented all those concepts here in single project so that you guys can learn how things actually work in real life.

  3. In this course, I have taken the best coding practices, tools, terminologies to develop the project that I have learned over the years from my industry and academic experience.

  4. I have design this course to give you employable skills that you will be needing in order to get hired in any professional company or organization.

Think of this course like a Android Developer Bootcamp. By the end, you will be comfortable using the below skills and you will be able to put them on your resume:

  • Customized User Interface Design

    • Customized Text Views, Button Views, Image Views

    • Customized Dialog Boxes

    • Customized Styling in Android Studio

    • Creating Menus in Android Studio

    • Customized Bottom Navigation Views

    • Customized Recycler Views

    • Customized Drawer Navigation View

    • Circular Image Views

    • Image Picker Dialog Boxes

    • Date Picker Dialog Boxes

  • Working with Dependencies in Android Gradle

    • Firebase Dependencies

    • Circular Image Dependency

    • Android X Material Dependency

    • Arc Navigator Dependency

    • Glide Dependency

    • Firebase UI Dependency

  • Working with String in String XML file

  • Creating Customized Colors in Color XML file using hexadecimal values

  • Animations

    • Zoom in Animations for Splash Screen

    • Left to right Animations for Login Screen

    • Gradient Changing Animations for Sceen Background

  • Google Firebase

    • Firebase Authentications

      • Creating login with Firebase Authentication

      • Login to Application through Firebase Authenticatio

    • Firebase Firestore

      • Creating Collection, documents in Firebase Firestore

      • Uploading data to Firebase Firestore collection at real time

      • Retrieving data from the Firebase Firestore collection at real time

      • Updating and Deleting data in and from Firebase Firestore collection at real time

      • Retrieving single and multiple records from Firebase Firestore collection at real time

    • Firebase Storage

      • Uploading images to Firebase Storage at real time

      • Retrieve images from Firebase Storage at real time

      • Update and Delete images from Firebase Storage at real time

    • Batch Writing

      • Working with Firebase Batch class to update information in bulk at run time

  • Android Adapters

    • Recyler View Adapters

    • Recyler View Adapters for Firebase Firestore

    • Tab Adapters for Tab Layout

  • Model Classes

    • Creating Model Java classes for retrieving the data from the Firebase Firestore.

    • Creating default, parameterized constructor in model classes

    • Working with commands to creating setter and getter methods for model classes

  • Fragments

    • Fragments

    • Child Fragments

    • Fragment Managers

    • Child Fragment Mangers

    • Changing Fragment with Adapters

  • Intents

    • Simple Intents

    • Intent to pass data

    • Intent to get images from the SD-Card

  • Customized fonts in Java

    • Adding Assets folder in Resources

    • Adding Font folder in Assets

  • Customized Drawables

    • Creating customized circular and rectangular shapes with XML

    • Using Built-in Image and Vector Assets

  • Menus

    • Creating customized menus for the Toolbar Layout

    • Creating customized menus for the Drawer Navigation Layout

  • and Much More….

You will be taken through online videos and exercises where you will be able to do the following things by the end:

  • Build complex application for your CV.

  • Go into a job interview confident that you understand the fundamental building blocks of android application development and the developer trends in 2020.

  • Be able to go off on your own and grow your skills as a developer, having built a solid foundation

  • Learn how Frontend, Firebase, communicate and how they all fit together in a single Application

  • Build your own application just like your will learn in this course

  • Go off and work remotely by being a freelance developer that can bid on projects

    In this project you will be working on following functional requirements:

  • Design and Develop Splash Screen.

  • Design and Develop Login and Register Page

  • Design and Develop Main Content Page Where logged-in user will be able to

    • update text and images statues.

    • user can add emotions such as love, sad, haha to any other user’s post

    • user can comment on any post of other users.

    • user can delete his/her posts

    • user can add text and image status to favorite list

    • user can remove text and image status from favorite list

    • user can see who have commented and shared emotions on his/her post using notification page

    • user can clear previous notifications.

    • user will be able to see the link of other page such as profile, setting pages in drawer navigation view

    • user can move between different pages by using the bottom navigation view

  • Design and Develop a professional Profile Page where

    • user can see and update his bio information using the Profile and Setting Page

So get all the above mentioned skills, get enrolled and see you inside the course…


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