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Continuous Code Inspection with SonarQube

Continuous Code Inspection with SonarQube

Price: $54.99

If you’re looking for a hands-on practical course to integrating continuous code inspection of your Java and Angular applications, you’ve come the right place.

The course that will guide you through the process of installing, integrating and using SonarQube with applications that utilize the Maven build system.
As a byproduct, you will also get to know DevOps tools like Jenkins and learn how to setup continuous code inspection for your codebase.

This course is focused on Maven projects. It reflects all scenarios that can occur during the integration of SonarQube with your single- or multi module Maven applications. We will briefly go over maven basics, and we will discuss single module Java applications, single module Angular applications, as well as multi-module mixed applications, where your Java and Angular codebase is placed in different modules.
Finding the right pieces to the puzzle is often times demanding, but using the resources I’ve prepared, you will be able to configure your projects without wasting any valuable time on research.

By the end of the course, you will get to know how to implement continuous code inspection with SonarQube automated by Jenkins, and take the firsts steps to developing an easily maintainable product with high quality.


  • Setup your Jenkins and SonarQube on a Linux Virtual Machine or with Docker containers

  • Integrate your Maven Projects with SonarQube

  • Create code coverage reports manually

  • Create a Jenkins pipeline that automates scanning for you

  • Identify bugs, code smells, vulnerabilities and code debt in SonarQube

  • Create quality gates and quality profiles

  • Understand maintainability, reliability and security ratings in SonarQube


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