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Crash Course to pass the M365 MS-500 Security Admin Course

Crash Course to pass the M365 MS-500 Security Admin Course

Price: $44.99

This course is specially built to prepare you for taking the Microsoft 365 Certified Security Admin MS-500 Exam.

What’s different with a Crash Course? Most courses just cover the curriculum while students are still left wondering what questions might be on the exam. Here each section and lecture is looked at from an exam perspective and what questions might be asked which not only helps in understanding the key concepts but also key differences between related concepts and services which most likely will be part of each exam question.

Also as much as possible the core of the course is done in the Microsoft 365 Portal which further increases your understanding of the Microsoft 365 Platform. This is aligned with the new performance based testing approach from Microsoft.

This exam from Microsoft focuses on all the aspects of the Office 365 Platform. In this course we will cover the following:
1 – Implement and manage identity and access

2- Implement and manage threat protection

3- Implement and manage information protection

4- Manage governance and compliance features in Microsoft 365

See Curriculum for list of lectures within each of the above course sections.

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