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Crazy about Arduino: Your End-to-End Workshop – Level 1

Crazy about Arduino: Your End-to-End Workshop – Level 1

Price: $94.99

“The explanation is very clear, complete and to the point.” Richard C.

Very well thought out and presentation, informative.” Tony N.


“What we can do with Arduino is only limited by our imagination!” LEVEL 1

The best way to understand if this course is really for you is by asking yourself a few basic questions:

  • Do you like building “things” by yourself?

  • Are you looking for ways to easily combine software and hardware components?

  • Did you ever wonder how electronic devices are really working?

  • Do you have some creative idea and you just looking for ways to easily prototype it?

  • Would you be excited to monitor and control the physical world with a software program that you created?

  • Would you like to join the growing worldwide wave of Internet of Things Makers?

If the answer is “YES” for most of the questions above then you just landed in the right place. Arduino is probably one of the most amazing developments and prototyping platform today with endless possibilities for Do-It-Yourself Makers looking for ways to express their creative mind and technical capabilities.

It is really up to us, we can build simple and fun projects to very complex autonomous systems that can interact with users and help us to better bridge between the physical and the digital worlds.

This course is a starting point as part of a larger comprehensive training program divided into levels that are all about Arduino and the eco-system around it. Each course covers a specific group of subjects to let you develop and grow your skills in a step-by-step pace while enjoying the long journey.

Are you ready to start being “Crazy” about Arduino….? 😉


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