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Create 15 Real World Projects Using Python

Create 15 Real World Projects Using Python

Price: $34.99

Master Python Programming by building 15 Real-world projects on your own

Hey! Are you stuck in a tutorial hell? You’re just watching tutorials of basic python and don’t know how to master it. Don’t worry python.hub has got your back. In this Python Bootcamp 2021 course, you are going to build 15 real-world python projects from basic to advanced level in less than 3 hours.

Here’s the list of 15 Python projects:

1. QR Code Generator

2. QR Code Reader

3. Google Search Tool

4. URL Shortener

5. GUI Calendar

6. Ghost Prank Application

7. Rolling Dice Simulator

8. Pocket Dictionary

9. Video To GIF Converter

10. Digital Clock

11. Desktop Notification App

12. Secure PDFs with Password

13. WhatsApp Automation

14. Instagram Automation

15. Smart Calculator – Mega Project

This course is designed including all fields of python and for keeping the interest until the last there are some fun projects like Ghost Prank so that no one gets bored and with that everything is explained using animations and in a very simple and easy way. After completing the course, I guarantee that every single of you will be able to develop any kind of application using Python. Your mind will be able to think about some more unique projects and you will be able to code them easily.

You can upload these projects on your GitHub repository and you can mention some of them in your resume as well.


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