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Create an Explosive Resume

Create an Explosive Resume

Price: $74.99

Student Reviews for Create an Explosive Resume

“This course is packed with tons of practical advice! It helped me understand how to approach writing a resume and how to make it stand out. I now understand how my resume needs to be formatted and how to describe my work experience. This course is very motivating, relatable, and clear. It got me excited to work on my resume and improve it!” -Elise

“Marc does an amazing job breaking down the components of a resume in these easy to follow videos. At no point did I ever feel lost or overwhelmed by the information he was giving. It had a natural order to it and is by far the best way I have ever heard someone explain the basics of creating a great resume!” – Garret

What are you going to get out of this course?

There is much to learn and much to debate about best practices in writing a resume. How is one to decide which advice is worth listening to? This course is intended to be relevant across the board, no matter what job you are applying for. The curriculum is organized into four principles that assist with the mindset needed to create a powerful resume. Yes, there are many simple and concrete tips. However, the most meaningful aspect is the learning gained on how to understand the potential employer and how to show, prove, and demonstrate skills as opposed to merely telling about them. The bottom line is that this course is not intended to simply give someone a fish, but to teach them HOW to fish so they can adapt and thrive on their own.


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