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Creating & Managing Azure VMs with the AZ PowerShell Module

Creating & Managing Azure VMs with the AZ PowerShell Module

Price: $19.99

Azure virtual machines provide a fully configurable and flexible computing environment for organizations moving to the cloud. This Microsoft Azure course will teach you how to perform the most common day-to-day tasks in Microsoft Azure, using the new Azure PowerShell AZ Module.

As you work through this Azure course, you will learn how to perform the following tasks:

  • Install the AZ PowerShell Module Locally

  • Login to Azure with PowerShell

  • Create Resource Groups with PowerShell

  • Deploy Virtual Machines with PowerShell

  • Create and Attach Data Disks with PowerShell

  • Create Custom Images from Existing VMs

  • Deploy VMs from Custom Images with PowerShell

  • Create VM Snapshots via PowerShell

  • Deploy VMs from Snapshots with PowerShell

  • Resize Virtual Machines via PowerShell

  • Manage Virtual Machines with PowerShell

  • Delete VMs and Resource Groups with PowerShell

You’ll learn how to use some of the most common PowerShell commands and how to perform typical day-to-day tasks with PowerShell.

By the time you finish this Azure course, you will have learned how to perform many typical day-to-day virtual machine management tasks, using the new Azure PowerShell AZ Module, exclusively. The skills you learn as you work through this course will set you apart from many other IT professionals – since most IT professionals avoid PowerShell like the plague.

Set yourself apart from your industry peers today by enrolling and learning how to create and manage virtual machines with Azure PowerShell.


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