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Creative Thinking Exercises: Improve Your Creative Thinking

Creative Thinking Exercises: Improve Your Creative Thinking

Price: $124.99

Have you lost your motivation for creativity? Are you wanting to come up with new creative thinking ideas?

Creativity is not just for artists, anyone can boost their creative thinking through writing, drawing and different design thinking perspectives.

Creativity helps you to enrich your daily life, makes problem-solving easier and even has therapeutic qualities on your mental well-being.

After completing this course you will have sharpened your creative thinking skills and be able to draw upon your creativity, no matter where you.


“This course was amazing! There were so many examples and exercises to help with creativity. Tatiana was very encouraging throughout the entire course and offering additional help/practice if needed. She did an excellent job of giving definitions and additional resources to assist with creativity. I can’t wait to see future courses that Tatiana has to offer.” ~Nicole


  • Eliminate your creativity blocks

  • Hands-on exercises to help your creative thinking skills

  • Channel into your creativity no matter where you are

  • Move past any frustration or stress in creativity

  • Be inspired through the different creativity results that are shared for each exercise

  • Improve your creative thinking skills


  • A guided meditation for creativity

  • Downloadable PDF resources

  • How to start your own creative thinking room in your home

  • Tips to enhance your creativity

  • Tips to encourage creativity in kids

  • How nature can provide creative thinking inspiration

  • How to easily problem solve with creativity

I want you to gain knowledge and hands-on experience as fast as possible. The best part is that not only do I walk you through the exercises but I complete the exercise with you and share my results at the end to keep you moving forward creatively.


“Not only thinking outside the box, stepping out as well…..great creative exercises in this course.” ~Timm

“Amazing course just what I was looking for when it came to giving me more hands-on exercises to help improve my creative thinking and creativity. If you like exercises where you can draw, sculpt and write then you’ll like these exercises as I did.” ~Kayla

Imagine the feeling of knowing just what to do when you feel creatively stuck. These exercises will make you more mentally flexible, challenge your perception and give you the inspiration to channel your inner creativity today!

Enroll today to get started!


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