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Creative Thinking | How To Be More CREATIVE

Creative Thinking | How To Be More CREATIVE

Price: $39.99

Creativity is an endless loop of innovative ideas and effective actions, the course will cover techniques for both, getting a better ideas and doing a better actions. The course has 5 Sections:

1- Welcome:

.Where you will know the basic rule for using this course.

2- Intro:

This section gives you a good introduction about creativity world:

. What is Creativity and why the effort to become more creative.

. How the human brain works and how can we use this knowledge to increase our creativity.

. Barriers to creativity and how to defeat them.

. The difference between CREATIVITY & INTELLIGENCE, and how will the smart one react in a situation differently from the creative one.

3- Creativity Techniques:

This is the core section of the course where you will actually learn the process of being more creative using the 5 TECHNIQUES which are:

1- Subtraction Technique

2- Division Technique

3- Multiplication Technique

4- Task Unification Technique

5- Attribute Dependency Technique

. There will be a detailed explanation for every technique and a lot of real life examples on how to apply them.

4- Creativity As An Idea:

In this section you will learn how our brain generate ideas and effective techniques to make our brain generate better ideas to use them in the previous techniques.

5- Conclusion:

. A summary of the course and what to do next.


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