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Creativity Enhancement for Kids: a Parents & Teachers Guide

Creativity Enhancement for Kids: a Parents & Teachers Guide

Price: $49.99

Creativity is one of the most critical skills of the 21st century.

With all the innovations in technology, the changing economic world, the reshaping of social and business structures – we will all need Creative Thinking as a fundamental skill.

What does the need to be Creative mean to parents and teachers?

We need to be preparing our kids and students. We need to give them the creative thinking skiils and creativity tools they will need to face this constantly shifting reality.

This course will show you how.

The course covers the essential tools and methods that will help you enhance your children’s creative thinking skills.

It takes you step by step through explaining the creativity tools, clarifying how YOU can use them with children, and providing you with examples and tips to get you started.

I created this course because I wanted us as parents and educators to take charge and enhance our children’s ability to use creativity and to make it a natural part of their thinking habits.

Who should take the “Creativity Enhancement for Kids” course?

The course is designed with 3 types of students in mind:

  1. Parents who want to develop the creative skills of their children and make it a part of their natural habits
  2. Teachers and educators that are looking for ways to enrich their teaching methods on any subject matter, as well as to impart fundamental creative thinking abilities to their students
  3. Anyone who is interested in creativity techniques and would like to improve their own ability to use them and help others use them

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