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Critical Thinking in Action

Critical Thinking in Action

Price: $29.99

This is a complete course on the basics of how to become a thought leader using critical thinking, problem solving and decision making.

Critical Thinking helps you to organize your thinking so you can make confident decisions, set and achieve goals and lead a purpose driven life.

This is a practical course not an academic one!

It provides the skills you need to be more resourceful, access situations, do projects logically and systematically and weaves in emotions and feelings to ensure you use both sides of your brain efficiently!

The concepts are straight forward, however they take time, concentration and diligence to master, just like anything worthwhile.

The basics includes:

  • High impact videos to explain the subject matter. Concepts are explained, an example of people history who mastered these skills are studied; and tools, techniques and methodologies are explored.
  • Detailed Documents cover the subject matter in depth and help you internalize it further.
  • Intermittent Quizzes are provided to help strengthen your knowledge further.
  • BONUS Exercises are provided to build your practical critical thinking , decision making, and problem solving skills further.

This course isn’t for everyone. It is a practical, not academic course. It is a course for those who hunger to develop powerful critical thinking, decision making and problem solving skills to address tough problems and decisions that life is constantly throwing at us.

If you resonate with these statements then sign up today!

You have nothing to lose. There is a 30 day money back guarantee!


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