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Crystal Healing For Beginners

Crystal Healing For Beginners

Price: $79.99

The instructor of this course is a certified life coach, energy healer, and intuitive empath, Kari. Throughout this course, you will learn about the origins, history, meanings of crystals, the methods and modern uses, how to start your own healing business, and so much more. This course is great for any level of experience. Whether you are interested in crystal healing just for fun or for those who are serious about becoming a skilled healer, you will obtain all of the information and guidance to create success and fulfillment in your life.

Crystal healing is a high-vibrational method of raising your mood, consciousness, curiosity, and vibrations. It is not for the intended use of anything negative, harmful, or low-vibrational.

In this course, you will learn about

  1. what crystal healing is, where it originated, and its history

  2. what energy is and how it works

  3. various healing methods

  4. how to care for your crystals, clear, cleanse, and charge them

  5. programming and setting intentions

  6. various crystal forms

  7. divinatory meanings

  8. crystals and chakras

  9. crystals and feng shui

  10. crystals and meditation

  11. crystals for gridding and layouts

  12. personal or professional use

  13. what the market forecast for this business looks like

  14. how to begin your own business

  15. creating a blog, vlog, and virtual workshops

  16. and so much more

Lastly, you will also be provided with a few external resources and given 3 mini-quizzes.

Enjoy this course and remember to have fun with it!


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