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Crystal Singing Bowls Sound Therapy & Sound Healing Training

Crystal Singing Bowls Sound Therapy & Sound Healing Training

Price: $89.99

Welcome to this Frosted Crystal Bowls Sound Bath course. In this training, you will learn how to lead your sound baths. Not only will you learn how to play the bowls, but you will also learn the science behind sound healing. Why do people get emotional? Why do people feel like they’re floating around the room? When it comes to sound healing, it is so much more than just hitting a bowl; it’s about what’s happening behind the scenes and how we can connect to it to REALLY help people.

Who is this course for?

Do you want to start a new career in sound healing? Maybe you want to try something new? Or perhaps you’ve experienced a sound bath before, and you had a shift, but now you want to learn how to do it yourself. Whatever the reason for learning this beautiful, magical, sound therapy journey, you will find it all in this fantastic course. Ali has been leading Sound bowl training throughout Thailand and online for many years; he has hosted sound bath events from large festivals with thousands of people to teaching Buddhist nuns in Bangkok, Thailand, how to play bowls.

In this training, you will learn the science behind Sound Healing, which includes:

– We will learn about crystal bowls, how they are made, and the different types of bowls available on the market.

– The different Brainwave States.

– Using Binaural Beats.

– Cymatics.

– Dr Emoto research on water.

– The Benefits of sound healing.

– The Power of Intention and why it is so important.

– How sound healing can heal blood cells.

– Chakras and how to use them practically.

Next, we will learn how to play the bowls:

– How to play one bowl

– How to play two bowls, two-handed

– How to play seven bowls

– You will learn different techniques so you can start your sound bath straight away

– You will learn how to balance sound

– How to create emotion in people

– Difference between harmony and disharmony

We will then discuss topics such as:

– How to create self-love

– How to lead a sound bath

– How to set up your space

– How to clean the bowls and your space

– Working with clients

– And much more…

This is in-depth training, teaching you absolutely everything you need to know about leading your sound baths. Even though we are using crystal bowls in this course, you can take all of this information and apply it to any sound bath with any instruments.

Sound Therapy is becoming very popular and offers you many work opportunities, from creating your sound baths or working for other yoga studios, 5-star resorts, or even festivals.

This is different from other sound healing training because Ali makes it a fun, exciting, crazy journey course. His style of teaching is very upbeat and exciting.

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