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CSTE Certification Preparatory Course

CSTE Certification Preparatory Course

Price: $49.99

The role of QA has become more challenging. Certified Software Tester(CSTE) certified software Testing professionals are preferred in this competitive global QA job market. Companies like Deloitte, Oracle etc. prefer to have a CSTE certified QA in their client facing roles.

CSTE is a very competitive exam with a tedious preparation process. One has to refer books of 1000s of pages which makes it even more difficult.

This is a complete guide to Certified Software Tester(CSTE) examination with 200+ practice questions. This course is based on latest examination pattern.

Having trained many candidates for the certification, we know exactly at what points the candidates find it difficult to grasp and what are the important areas of focus. Its important to give emphasis to certain topics more and certain topics can be skimmed through easily. This course exactly does that.

It is important to have a strong hold in the basics of any subject if one has to master it. A lot of emphasis has been laid on the complete understanding of the foundation of the course with the view of enabling the students to have a better grasp of the whole course.

At the same time, one has to understand the kind of tricky questions that are asked in the exam. Hence we have tried to model the same in this course and given explanations to avoid the common traps that the students fall into while attempting the questions.

It takes around months of self study. In this course, we have provided a complete guide to the entire syllabus of the examination in a concise manner so that you can be prepared in few weeks. At the same time , we have made in-depth coverage of the course concepts.

We have simplified the whole process for you in the video course of 5 hours. In this course we offer

1) Lucid explanations from industry experts.

2) Real time examples for clear understanding.

3) Powerful info-graphics for faster learning.

4) 200+ real time exam questions for practice.

5) Constant support and tips to crack exams.


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