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Cultural Competency and Diversity Training

Cultural Competency and Diversity Training

Price: $89.99

Do you wish to be certified in social and interpersonal skills?

These are essential career development skills necessary for success in personal and professional life in the context of Islam. With growing Islomopbohia in Western Societies, it is important to equip yourself with Cultural Competency Training. Cultural Competence is the ability to communicate effectively cross-culturally and to be able to understand others. Cultural Competency Training (CCT) involves being aware of oneself and different cultural practices. CCT encompasses awareness of personal views, world view, and biases.

In order to create a peaceful society, we need to improve on our interpersonal skills, address hidden prejudice that leads to misunderstanding and hostile behavior. Those who suffer the consequences of ill behavior experience, depression, anxiety, discrimination and it undermines their psychological wellbeing.

This is course is designed for Educators, coaches, community leaders, counselors, and other helping professionals who are working with people globally.

The objective of the course is to provide;

Intercultural Education to teachers, leaders, and community activists,

Categorization of cultures that can be confusing,

Cross-culture practices,

Implementation of the training to create an inclusive classroom environment,

Promoting a culture of co-existence

In order to create a peaceful society, we need to improve on our interpersonal skills, address hidden prejudice that leads

Who is this course for?

  • Educators who wish to create a culturally sensitive classroom.

  • The interfaith audience wishes to explore Muslims cross-culturally.

  • Those who are new to Islam and exploring Muslim culture globally.

  • Employees working globally with people of various ethnic backgrounds.

  • Who wish to create a pluralistic society with mutual respect.

  • Who wishes to improve social engagement & interpersonal skills for career development.

  • Sociocultural Anthropology students who wish to explore the complexity of society.


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