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CWM Chartered Wealth Manager ® Certification Skills Course

CWM Chartered Wealth Manager ® Certification Skills Course

Price: $19.99

Wealth Management Certification Program – Course Description (This course is about 20-25 hours of reading and advanced learning)

This course is an introduction to Introduction to Financial Planning & Wealth. Topics in this class include wealth management strategy, money management, risk, credit, asset management and protection, economics, financial institutions, financial and SEC law, ethics, regulations, and professionalism. The course examines the basics of investments, markets, risk, retirement, federal taxation, asset management and estates while it analyzes theories and techniques of developing investment policies and strategies. The course also outlines the processes in wealth management and global financial planning that will be expanded upon in other courses in the curriculum.

After Completing this Course, You may apply for Certification

Our certification programs are ESQ Accredited and ISO 21001 Certified and our professional certifications are conferred by the GAFM Global Academy of Finance and Management.

About the Professor

Counselor Mentz has been teaching Wealth Management online for ABA recognized law schools for over a decade under the supervision of Prof. Byrnes. Presently, Mentz is a Commissioner for the US Presidential Scholars Program which is operated by the US Dept of Education and the White House. Mentz is a licensed attorney and holds a Doctor of Jurisprudence/JD, an MBA, and a CILS Graduate Certificate of International Legal Studies. Commissioner Mentz is a former investment banker and tax lawyer who also passed the Series 7, 63 and 65 licensing exams from NASD/FINRA in the late 1990s. Mentz has authored over 60 books and audio books and was recently ranked #2 in the world as a Wealth Management Influencer online.

Publishing: George Mentz has authored over 60 books and audio books on wealth management, financial planning, metaphysics, and success and serves as an tax/financial economist and “Finance Insider” team for NewsMax along with other luminaries such as: Mohamed El-Erian, Stephen Moore, & the Hon. Larry Kudlow.

Mentz is an active law professor in the areas of: Wealth Management, Finanical Planning and Finanical Innovations at a top ranked law school USA.

** Terms – Mentz and the GAFM offer certification to eligible students and graduates. (Mentz and GAFM and the Board of Standards) can not provide any free certificate and we do not confer diplomas to students. If students seek a designation or board certification, please go to the website of GAFM.


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