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DAX Power Pivot – 10 Easy Steps for Beginners

DAX Power Pivot – 10 Easy Steps for Beginners

Price: $99.99

If your goal is to enter the world of BI, Data Mining and or Data Analysis you have to take this course. All of these environments and roles demand the skills you are about to learn

Microsoft PowerPivot is an add on for Excel that provides Business Intelligence functionality and reporting within the familiar environment of Excel.

This capability enables manipulation of hundreds of millions of rows of data with the capacity to provide business insights and shorter decision making cycles laughing in the face of the million row threshold of regular Excel

Here’s what others had to say about the course:

“This instructor is unbelievable. Not only were the course materials plentiful, but her instruction was full of enthusiasm and encouragement. The format was perfect for me. I never felt like I was being left behind. I’ll take any course by Gilly Dow, if it’s not completely relevant to something I’m working with at the moment. This course was really amazing.”

– Mickey Thorpe

I purchased your two courses as a review to brush up on my skills Dax Power Pivot 10 Easy Steps for beginners Dax Power Pivot Time intelligence 10 easy steps Both wonderfully explained with very good demonstrated examples. Great refresher courses. You really have a gift for teaching. I took PowerPivot Pro a couple of years back and I find your walk through and demonstrations of the Dax measures so much clearer and to the point. It has been a fun enjoyable refresher for me. This is great course for everyone getting started in PowerPivot Thanks well done.

– Stephen Davanzo

Thank you so much for making DAX so simple and efficient. This is perfect for everyone would like to start their journey in DAX.”

– Ravi Vijay

“she is too good . I would like to do other courses even if they are not available on Udemy. Request Udemy to get all her works small or big on the site. Every slide I see my learning and understanding increases by leaps and bounds. I simply love this instructor and my highest regards for her way of explaining the things.”

– Vinay Kumra

“Great course, good testing, good exercises, easy to follow lessons. I’m about 60% complete and the further I go the better it gets. Love the practice exercises and how the instructor goes through the answers in video detail about how the solution was arrived at…great teaching techniques all around. And then, there is the 70+ page guide that is integrated into the lesson plan, makes following the videos and working independently on the practice sessions easy as everything is organized to just follow along and learn by doing. So, watch, listen read do, test, feedback, move to next lesson. Right pace, right tone, right encouragement. Excellent course! Looking forward to the advanced. Marty”

– Martin Rini

“I really loved this course because it gave a nice (IMHO) overview for a beginning DAX / Power Pivot course. The Instructor was very very good. She took time to walk-through each step. If she keeps that approach in the upcoming Intermediate and Advanced courses, they will be winners. (She even gave some “top-tips” for regular Excel which jogged my memory banks anyway.) I am eagerly looking forward to the release dates her subsequent courses.”

– Walt Lierman

What You’ll Learn

To start with the course focuses on importing data into Power Pivot to create the Data Model. You will learn about calculated columns and other DAX related concepts that will show you how to “shape” the data.

Next, you will create relationships between tables of data negating the need for VLOOKUP. Reducing the time it takes to “shape” your data – is one of the major benefits of this awesome tool.

With the data model in place, next you delve into the world of DAX measures. These are Data Analysis EXpressions functions that build the formulas to provide the business insights that decision makers and stakeholders dream of.

There is no programming involved with DAX – your Excel formulas experience has set you up nicely for the next step in your Excel journey.

Throughout the course we work together building the data model and measures. At the end of each step you have an opportunity to practice creating your own measures to help you consolidate, embed and reinforce everything you have learned. I provide a solutions video lecture before moving on to ensure you’re on track and ready to move on.

I provide all the files you need to follow along and a fully supporting, screen-shot enriched 78 pg. user guide pdf packed with all the steps and practice exercises with solutions.

Power Pivot is the perfect tool for those working in finance, statistics, project, business and market analysis or any data reporting role who have a need to create and produce Business Intelligence style dashboard reports.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my course. I can’t wait to help you take the next step in developing your Excel skills. I have used Excel 2016 to demonstrate this fantastic tool but you can follow along in Excel 2010 & 2013 – I’ll do my best to point out the differences. If you have any questions about the course, feel free to message me here or check out the FREE preview lectures to learn more.

Take the first steps to a new and rewarding future by clicking on the TAKE THIS COURSE button, located on the top right corner of the page.

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