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Day Launcher

Day Launcher

Price: $79.99

You will never change your life until you change your routine! Keep reading to discover…

1. How to rewire your brain for awesomeness (reading books and attending seminars have little to do with it)!

Contrary to what you may believe, reading a library full of books and attending a lifetime of seminars that teach you how to change and experience more success in your life, has very little to do with the actual process of creating changes in your life!

2. What the world’s best athletes, musicians, and writers do daily to achieve excellence that you probably don’t

There’s a reason they’re the best in the world, and natural talent is just a small part of it. Ask any of them, and they’ll tell you that this is their ‘secret weapon’ for achieving world-class results.

3. A simple, 7-Step process that creates powerful changes in your life naturally – without willpower!

This is how you create real, lasting change (more clarity, more action, and awesome results) in any area of your life. And the great things is, it happens naturally and intuitively, due to subtle shifts in your thinking and behavior.

Hi, my name is Paul B Evans, and I’d like to share with you a simple, but proven truth…

“You will never change your life until you change what you do on a daily basis.”

This means that if you have a desire for excellence – to grow and improve, take more action, and get awesome results – in any area of your life, then every day you’re going to have to do things different than what you’re doing right now.

So let’s talk about why, despite a lot of time and effort you probably spend trying do this, positive changes like this seems so hard to achieve (there is a reason), then I want to walk you through a simple 7-Step process for creating this kind of change using something I call a Clarity Map, which we’ll talk about in a little more detail shortly.

But first, let’s look at…

Chances are, like most people, you have a strong desire to change and improve some area of your life or business for the better (you want to feel and see success in your life more often than you do now).

And because you were never shown a better way, this is probably your process for doing it:

  • Consume – You read success-related books – probably lots of books (like the ones shown below), go to expensive seminars, follow experts online, read blogs and other articles, and consume anything and everything you think will improve your life at some level.
  • Take notes – While reading and learning, you’re probably spending a lot of your time underlining ideas and strategies you want to remember, taking pages of notes about the key points you think will make a difference in your life, and bookmarking sites and articles that contain information you want to have in your personal success arsenal.
  • Wait – Then you wait…waiting for the positive changes you’ve been promised to ‘kick-in’- waiting for all the great ideas and strategies you’ve learned to finally make your life better. After all, you have learned a lot!

What happens?

Not much…not much at all!

  • Consume more… – Surely your lack of results was because you just didn’t read the right books or attend the right seminar, so what do you do? You read more books, attend more seminars, and consume more, more, and more.
  • Take more notes… – Maybe the problem is that you didn’t underline the right ideas, or enough ideas, or maybe you didn’t take the right notes, so you pour yourself into doing better this time around.
  • Wait some more… – Finally, you do some more waiting. Something has got to change now, right?!? I mean, you’ve put all this effort into learning what you need to do, it’s time to see some real results in your life!

What happens?

The same thing as before…not much!

  • You’re going to continue going nowhere – You’re going to continue wasting your time doing the same thing, over and over, year after year, with little to no results
  • You’re going to give up – You may eventually convince yourself that changing your life for the better just isn’t possible
  • You’re going to feel like a loser – Your constant struggle to change is going to leave you frustrated, overwhelmed, and begin to doubt your own ability to do something great with your life

Notice how none of these outcomes include achieving success?

That’s because, when it comes to creating real, lasting changes in your life, this process doesn’t work – ever!

So, what’s preventing you from creating the changes you want and seeing awesome results?

  • It’s not your desire – You wouldn’t be spending a lot of your valuable time, energy, and resources on trying to achieve better results if you weren’t serious about it, right?!?
  • It’s not that it’s impossible – You either know someone personally who is in control of their life and results they get, or you’ve heard of people with this ability
  • It’s not a lack of knowledge – You’ve read a ton of books, attended a lot of seminars, took great notes, read your share of articles, and watched a lot of online videos

So, what in the world is it?!? What’s the key that going to change everything for you?

  1. Knowledge without action is virtually worthless!
  2. Small things, done consistently, create HUGE results

You see, you may have read a lot of books, etc. – you may have a lot of knowledge – but knowledge isn’t enough!

You need to take action on what you know and learn in order to experience any benefit from it.

And the best way to do this is to take action is in small ways, on a daily, consistent basis!

In other words…

Aristotle once said: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

While the entire quote reveals an important truth, notice the last 2 words in the first sentence of that quote: repeatedly and do.

This is what a daily success routine is all about – combining the knowledge, skills and actions that promote excellence, and getting you to repeatedly do something with them, on a daily basis.

What effect will doing this have on you?

Well, a daily success routine will consistently:

  • Expose you to the ideal vision you have designed for your life, so you remain clear about the direction you want to go, and all your decisions and actions are in alignment with that vision
  • Remind you of the principles and strategies you want to live by, so you always act like, and eventually become, the person you want to be
  • Put you in a state where you think and feel in powerful, new ways, so you slowly prepare and train your mind and body for a new level of excellence and results
  • Push you to take action in small ways, so you consistently experience forward-motion toward your goals and outcomes

The bottom line is that, a daily success routine creates profound changes in your life.

So the questions comes up:

It can be overwhelming to think about.

Not only do you have to think when and how to do it, but also all the elements that it should include:

  • You recently read a book telling you to do this to achieve your goals
  • You have this guy over here telling you to review this or that to become more productive…
  • And then there’s that article you read that had a great strategy about creating a compelling vision.

There are all these great ideas about how to get clear, take more action, and get awesome results, but they’re scattered all over the place.

How do you bring everything together into something that you can use and benefit from?

For the longest time, I was kind of confused about this myself.

I hacked together some different ‘solutions’ that consisted of Post-It notes, lists, and calendar reminders that I thought were good enough, but the problem was that I still felt like everything was largely scattered and disorganized, and I knew there had to be a better way.

Then, I stumbled across something that was the inspiration I needed for finding a real solution.

I began reading Work The System by Sam Carpenter:

It’s a bit wordy, but while reading it, I had an epiphany – a revelation, and that is…

To see consistent, awesome results in life, you need to create and use systems.

Why is this true?

It’s because systems give your brain exactly what it needs to take action and create results:

  • Clarity
  • Structure
  • Order
  • A strong sense of belief that what you want to do can be done!

When you can see the whole process of how something works, and how all the pieces fit together to create a result – which is one important thing that a good system does – then your brain believes it can be done, and that makes it substantially easier for you to do.

Armed with this knowledge, I began thinking about a whole lot of ways I could benefit by creating and using systems in my life and business.

I thought about systems for managing projects that I work on, I thought about systems for managing my money, and even thought about systems for how to plan meals and go to the grocery store. I was crazy about systems!

And then one day I realized that, a daily success routine, as I described earlier, was the perfect idea to develop into a system if there ever was one.

That was the inspirational spark I needed to finally begin developing a real solution!

The first step toward creating a daily success system was to define the goals of the system – what was its purpose, what elements did it need to include, and how did it need to work.

I determined that the ideal daily success system had to:

  1. Be something that could be completed within a reasonable timeframe, so I could fit it into my busy schedule every single day
  2. Be divided into logical steps that followed a specific sequence
  3. Make use of the best success tools and strategies I knew about for creating results
  4. Be interactive, because – as we talked about earlier – you change by doing, or taking action
  5. Be expandable and customizable

After testing several different approaches, and doing some significant fine-tuning…I nailed it!

The result?

(Here’s a image of a poster that shows the entire system – more about this shortly)

I’ve worked hard to make this 7-Step system the ultimate daily success routine!

In a moment, I’m going to walk you through the entire 7-Step Day Launcher process.

But first, let me share with you the reasons why it works.

In a nutshell, it works due to the power of immersion, which totally engages your thinking and actions in a way that has a subtle, but profound transforming effect on you over time.

In what ways?

  • You Grow – It forces you to improve who you are and how you think, a little more each day
  • You Act – It creates within you an action-based mindset to helps you get things done
  • You Get Clear – It gives you a sense of clarity of where you’re headed and who you want to become
  • You Feel Great – It puts you into a state of positive, high-energy

This system is VERY action-oriented, and can be completed quickly each morning to start your day with a boost!

What Do You Think?

After watching the walkthrough video, what kind of results do you think you would see if you were to do The Day Launcher process on a daily basis?

Think about it…how would it change your:

  • Thinking
  • Actions
  • Results

Isn’t true that when you look at anything you’re really good at at doing, that the thinking, actions, and results that make it possible for you to do it so well came about because you practiced something on a consistent, regular basis?

Your routine is what changed you – changed your abilities, and changed what it was possible for you to do.

Could you have done it any other way?

Then doesn’t it make sense that when it comes to making positive changes that will turn you into a more successful person – or a person of excellence – that a daily success routine is essential?

Can you now see why simply reading more books, and attending more seminars is notthe answer?

It’s The ‘Secret’ Of World-Class Achievers

Think about what some of the most successful musicians, athletes, and writers do to stay at the top of what they do.

Every one of them practices a daily routine of some sort – whether it’s playing their instrument every day, shooting 1000 free throws, or writing 5-10 pages.


Because they all know and value the fact that consistent, small improvements, compound to create life-changing results. It either makes them one of the best in the world, or it keeps them there if they’re already on top.

It’s a process that works, and has worked for thousands of years.

This same process for creating powerful, sustainable changes in your life is the foundation of The Day Launcher System.

My Personal Results

Let me share with you what effect using this system has had in my life.

Areas where I’ve seen positive changes include:

  • How clearly I think – Creativity comes easier, I make better decisions faster, I’m more aware of how the world around me works (systems, laws, and principles) and use that knowledge to my advantage, and solutions to problems come as the results of inspiration more than perspiration.
  • How well I plan – My days aren’t spent ‘spinning my wheels’ and feeling overwhelmed at all the things I need to do and trying to figure out how to do them. Instead, clearly defined outcomes and simple plans for making those outcomes a reality allow me to relax and simply take the next step!
  • How much I accomplish – Instead of looking back on 8 hours of work and wondering why I only have 6 hours of results, I look at 6 hours of results, and wonder how I to spend the other 2. 🙂
  • What I spend my valuable time doing – I’ve eliminated many of the things in my life that were doing nothing more than sucking away my valuable time, energy, and resources, and replaced them with doing things that matter, that are memorable and fun, and that move me closer to the overall vision I have for my life.
  • How much I contribute and add value to others – Because of an increased desire and awareness of how to share my knowledge and talents, I consistently experience one of the greatest joys you can have as a human being – contributing something of real value to others.
  • What I create and produce in my business – The things I develop and create in my business are more unique and valuable than ever. This means I’m able to deliver quality solutions that people really want, in ways that no one else is doing – the perfect recipe for a thriving business!
  • My overall sense of freedom, satisfaction, and contentment – Does anything more really need to be said about this?
  • How much fun I have everyday! – Isn’t that what it’s all about?

What User’s Have To Say

“[It’s] making me Rock and Roll now!”

By: Seth Larrabee

To be honest, it took a while to indoctrinate The Day Launcher System into my daily lifestyle, but man is it making me Rock and Roll now!

I especially love the full size Day Launcher clarity map. That thing is awesome!

I also want to tell you how much it’s helping me in my business and to sincerely thank you!

“It’s an amazingly simple system.”

By: Chris Freeman

I invested in The Day Launcher System a few weeks ago and have enjoyed using it on a daily basis since. It’s an amazingly simple system. I’ve been using similar techniques for many years, but never have I used (or seen) such a concise and easy-to-implement system as you have created here.

Many self-management programs, ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars, are not much more than hyped up, fluffed out versions of the same fundamental principles you explain so clearly in The Day Launcher Systemfor a fraction of the price.

The accompanying worksheets are very well laid out and useful (and lovely to look at) and the main clarity map is simply outstanding!

As I’m sure most people are aware, our 3 greatest resources are time, energy and money. DLS helps save on all three counts. I believe the real “secret” to getting out of our own way is not searching for answers, but rather learning to focus on asking the right questions and the list you present on pages 69-70 are, for me, worth the price of this complete system alone.

Small shifts do indeed create seismic differences!

Thanks for taking the time to create such an easy-to-follow 7-step plan and for sharing it with the world. I am sure The Day Launcher System will help many people and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to quickly and easily increase their self-knowledge and personal productivity to a whole new level.


By: R. Empey

I purchased your tool/e-books on goal setting last week, just wanted to let you know that the material you’ve provided is outstanding!

And these positive changes have come naturally – not as the result of willpower – but due to small shifts in my thinking and behavior as a result of using The Day Launcher System consistently.

I’d like to give you some more details about the system, so that you’re crystal-clear about how unique, easy-to-use, and valuable it really is.

Let’s first look at why it’s so unique.

  • It’s Focus Is The System – Instead of focusing on teaching specific success principles like 99% of the books and programs out there, the focus of The Day Launcher System is to provide you with a framework for helping you create your own personal daily success routine.
  • You Benefit From The Best Of The BestThe Day Launcher System is about bringing together all the best life and business success tools and strategies developed over the years into an organized, efficient daily process that creates results.
  • You Make It YoursThe Day Launcher System can be expanded and customized based on your wants and needs, and the specific strategies that are important to you – no matter what source those strategies come from!

Now let’s talk about WHY it’s easy to use.

You’re looking at it…The Day Launcher System Clarity Map:

This Clarity Map is a powerful teaching tool for helping you grasp the entire process in a single glance.

A simple, 3-minute review of this Clarity Map over the course of 5-7 days will crystallize the system in your mind to the point where it becomes natural and intuitive.

This is truly a unique feature of The Day Launcher System.

Here’s a look at what’s included in the package:

The Day Launcher System Ebook + All the Training Videos This 118-page ebook reveals, in detail, the entire system for ‘launching your day’

Highlights include:

  • Discover why, and how, to create a simple but effective plan that gives structure and order to your day, allowing you to minimize feelings of overwhelm and create forward motion throughout your day more easily!
  • Learn how to set a powerful, positive ‘tone’ at the beginning of your day by following a ‘prelaunch’ checklist of do’s and don’ts that are designed to ensure you begin each day feeling great, focused, and in the right mindset!
  • Get a detailed walkthrough of the entire 7-Step launch process, including tips, ideas, and strategies for maximizing your results – this is the heart of the entire system
  • An extensive, but ‘no-fluff’ collection of some of the best ways I’ve found (in over 20 years of studying the topic) for maintaining a clear mind and a healthy body!
  • Finally, I’ll share with you some strategies for generating a significant mental boost for pushing through those unproductive times throughout your day when you really need to keep your mind sharp and get things done!

The Value Of This Guide: The Day Launcher System Clarity Map This beautiful 1-page guide reveals the entire system in a single glance

Highlights include:

  • The exclusive Day Launcher System Clarity Map is not only the ultimate reference tool for how the system works, but it inspires you to actually use the system every time you look at it!
  • This map is delivered to you as a crystal-clear, high resolution, PNG file
  • This map can be printed on any home printer at 8.5 x 11, just like any other picture or photo
  • Or, the Clarity Map file can be taken to a professional printer and printed at full-size 11 x 17, then laminated

The Value Of This Clarity Map:

When you grab a copy of The Day Launcher System today, you’ll also receive these valuable bonuses:

The Day Launcher System Action Sheets

Highlights include:

  • Seven (7), high-quality worksheets that help you implement important elements of The Day Launcher System in your own life
  • The sheets are delivered to you in crystal-clear, high resolution, PNG files
  • These sheets can be printed on any home printer at 8.5 x 11, just like any other picture or photo
  • Or, the files can be taken to a professional printer to be printed and laminated

The Value Of These Action Sheets:


The Day Launcher System is an easy to use 7-Step system that’s based on time-tested method for creating powerful, sustainable changes.

You’re not left with trying to figure out the best way to make it work – simply follow the 7 steps and you’ll begin to see results very quickly!


Yes, you could possibly come up with a daily success routine that rivals what The Day Launcher System teaches you, but why would you want the hassles of testing and fine-tuning it?

I’ve already made all the mistakes and goofs, and eliminated everything from the system that didn’t work, wasn’t worth adding, or simply made it too hard to use.

Instead of wasting your own time and energy trying to figure out all the things I had to learn the hard way, why not just grab and use The Day Launcher System today and jump right into creating a better life and a better you!


Of course, the system, as it’s outlined and explained in the ebook, could stand on its own for its value and effectiveness – and that’s where most programs would leave you.

But The Day Launcher System is different!

You get an incredible, high-quality map that outlines the entire system, along with a number of visual worksheets, all of which are designed to inspire you, and help you make the most of the program.


In addition to providing you with a detailed, step-by-step daily success routine, included with The Day Launcher System, are a number of supporting tools, strategies, and tips for:

  • Planning your day and getting things done
  • Managing the time-suckers in your life
  • Starting your day with a clear head, a positive mindset, and the proper physical fuel
  • Eating, drinking, sleeping, connecting, and thinking better
  • Powering through the moments of your day when you get tired, but need to take action
  • And much more!

I’ve spent a considerable amount of my personal time and money in the development of The Day Launcher System in order to create a high-quality, no-fluff product that actually works – something I’ve built my reputation doing.

Although the product took months to create and refine, the ideas, concepts, and principles behind its development are the results of years of study and experience.

Success is NOT an Accident!

Paul B Evans


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