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Steigern Sie Ihre emotionale Intelligenz mit Ihrem Mondzeichen

Steigern Sie Ihre emotionale Intelligenz mit Ihrem Mondzeichen

Preis: $94.99

If you’ve been frustrated with reactivity and misunderstanding in relationships—in love, with family, and at work—this course will bring clarity to your emotional patterns and give you practical tools to respond more consciously in all key ares of life, including love, Familie, Arbeit, and times of major decision.

In simplistic terms, Astrology is a very practical language, a tool and vocabulary we can use to better enhance, ermächtigen, and understand various aspects of our lives. As an astrologer of 10 years and author of two books on the subject, I have found that no other symbol in astrology is as dear and tender to our individual hearts as the Moon position when we were born.

The Moon is our key to contentment.

The purpose of this course is to teach you about your subconscious yearnings and your Emotional Needs through your Moon position. With this insight, you will find the key to your Emotional Intelligence and to the emotional needs of those around you, including family members, lovers, and colleagues. Through a series of keynote video lectures, a PDF files for all slides, and easy-to-study Mindmaps, you will learn how to better understand and communicate your emotional patterns, SEL Soziales emotionales Lernen, empathize with other’s perspectives, and become a better listener, Freund, lover, and employee.

When companies have been asked what makes employees really stand out and shine, it is not their high mental intelligence or technical competency—it is their ability to manage their emotions, act with confidence, sich in andere einfühlen, and work well with teams—all aspects of EQ or Emotional Intelligence.

In Ergänzung, most personal relationships fail because we do not feel understood by our partners in the depth of our being, on the emotional level. This same breakdown occurs in children, who often feel alienated from family members or from their courses of study because their inner self—their primary and consistent needs—are neglected.

Your Astrological Moon sign provides the map to successfully boost your Emotional Intelligence. Once we understand the pattern of our emotional tendencies, we can improve on the frequency of expression—the better way to express and honor our fundamental needs. Working with the Moon sign of your lover, child, family member, or employees increases your ability to sensitively support and nurture both yourself and the people closest to you.

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