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Emotionale Intelligenz: 6 key steps to a better life

Emotionale Intelligenz: 6 key steps to a better life

Preis: $49.99

Tust du recognise das Emotionen you are Gefühl? Can you verwalten those feelings without allowing them to take over you?

Or do you feel that emotionsget in the wayof you living a rich and meaningful life? Perhaps you are finding it difficult to have relationships and communicating with other people.

That’s where emotional intelligence comes in!

Emotional intelligence is all about understanding emotions. Whether it be identifying and managing your own feelings or reading and interpreting the moods of others.

It is a skill that can come quite naturally to some, but not to everybody. It is also something that can be practised and developed. Being emotionally intelligent is key to thinking clearly and creatively, managing challenges und communicating well with others.

In this course you’ll learn:

1)Was ist emotionale Intelligenz?

What EI is not
Tools to support EI
The difference between emotional intelligence and being clever
Introduction to emotions
Why we tend to lack emotional intelligence
The key qualities of being emotionally intelligent
Why we need it
How it benefits us

2) Emotionen + Why We Have Them:

The evolution of emotions through theories: (Maslow, Charles Darwin, James Gross)

Knowing your Brain

Getting hooked

Emotional agility

Thinking fast and slow

3) Selbsterkenntnis – becoming in touch with our emotions:

Why we label emotions
How to identify emotions
What emotional signals mean
The purpose of emotions
How to be mindful, without meditation

4) Understanding Emotional Influences

The role of our past
The influence of worries and anxiety
The role of values and needs
Automatic coping mechanisms
Attachment styles
How we respond as adults

5) Emotional Self-Management

An introduction to emotional agility
Das 4 steps to emotional agility
Benefits of being emotionally flexible
Strategies to manage emotions
Practical exercises to manage emotions
Managing other people’s emotions

6) Relating To & Understanding Others

Soziales Bewusstsein
What empathy is and why it’s relevant to emotional intelligence
Emotional responsibility
Reducing judgement
Identifying the emotions of others
Being a good listener

7) Managing Relationships

Communication strategies
The power of nonverbal communication
Reading body language communication
Managing conflict
Assertiveness styles
How to be assertive

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