Was sind die gefragtesten IT-Fähigkeiten des Jahres? 2019?


Wie immer, Die IT-Welt ist ständig in Bewegung. Entwickler mit den gefragtesten Fähigkeiten werden ihren Kollegen einen Schritt voraus sein.

  • Blockchain: die Nachfrage nach Blockchain-Programmierern in 2019 wird steigen. Werkstatt in der Werkstatt cryptographic algorithms coding, they will be able to create software that allows them to create distributed and decentralized databases. Certainly the knowledge of technologies such as C ++, JavaScript, Python or Solidity will still be helpful.
  • Knowledge of the Fintech Industrie: Global investments in fintech enterprises will exceed $46 b by 2020 according to a report from Statista. Mobile wallets or automated consultants will increase the demand for programmers who know how to create such innovative products.
  • Machine Learning and artificial intelligence: Finding programmers in the AI field is tough because it’s so new and few have deep experience in the technology. Developers with these skills will be in huge demand in 2019. Knowledge of linear algebra, Wahrscheinlichkeit, and statistics is a must. experience with libraries such as NumPy or SciPy. As for programming languages, the ​​most common are Python und R.
  • Problem solving sklls: Since a large part of a programmers everyday work is solving complex problems, many hiring managers cite this skill as the most important wen making hiring decisions. It trumps all other skills such as programming language knowledge. Creativity is also one of the most sought-after skills in the industry.

Kredit: Jacob Dunn

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