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Was ist Marketingattribution? Ein Leitfaden für Anfänger

Was ist Marketingattribution? Ein Leitfaden für Anfänger

Es gibt viele Möglichkeiten, mit Werbung in Berührung zu kommen: in E-Mail-Postfächern, im Live-TV, auf Webseiten, usw. Diese Berührungspunkte sind miteinander verbunden und arbeiten zusammen, um Kunden zum gewünschten Ergebnis zu führen, oder Konvertierung. Dennoch, knowing how to get there is just as important as getting there.

Advertisers can measure and improve the distinctive touchpoints that result in conversions and revenues using marketing attribution models. It’s essential to comprehend how consumers conduct their purchase experiences, which is where digital marketing attribution comes in. To better know about your marketing strategy, you must do attribution analysis marketing. In diesem Artikel, we will understand what is marketing attribution.


What is Marketing Artribution

Was ist Marketingattribution?

The process through which advertisers ascertain how marketing strategies—and subsequent customer interactions—contributed to sales, conversions, or other objectives is known as marketing attribution.

The channels and messaging that motivate potential customers to act are found using these marketing analytics. The models take into account different marketing funnel touchpoints and how they affect consumer behaviour and conversions. Solutions like Sizmek Ad Suite, which act as catalysts to measure and analyse various touchpoints along the client journey, can help achieve this attribution.

Marketing strategies and associated customer touchpoints can include paid search, E-Mails, sozialen Medien, and all other forms of digital marketing in-between. The use of these models can be as straightforward as examining a single touchpoint or as intricate as taking into account the intersections of numerous touchpoints along the path to purchase. In beiden Fällen, Kapitalrendite (KÖNIG), future strategy planning, and other things depend greatly on the marketing funnel and customer journey modelling.

Why is Marketing Attribution Important?

To guarantee that each encounter is fairly weighted, advanced marketing attribution solutions call for marketing teams to combine and normalise consumer data from many channels. Marketers can notice that this piece of collateral had a greater impact on the sale than the display ad if, zum Beispiel, a consumer is exposed to a display ad and an email campaign but only converts after seeing a special promotion in the email. Dann, they can invest more money into developing focused email marketing efforts.

Marketing teams need sophisticated analytics solutions that can reliably and quickly transform massive data into person-level insights that can be applied for in-campaign adjustments in order to attain the level of data granularity necessary for effective attribution.

Benefits of Marketing Attribution

Höherer ROI

Effective attribution helps marketers to communicate with the right consumer at the right time, increasing conversions and marketing KÖNIG.


Höherer ROI

increased individualization

For more precise targeting throughout the customer journey, marketers can use attribution data to identify the messaging and distribution channels that certain consumers favour.

Develop better products

Marketers can better understand the demands of their customers by using person-level attribution. When making modifications to the product to target the functionality that customers demand, these insights can subsequently be used as a guide.

Optimized Creative

Marketing professionals can improve messaging and visual components as well as their understanding of how and when to engage with users by using attribution models that can assess the creative components of a campaign.

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