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Demystifying Identity and Access Management

Demystifying Identity and Access Management

Price: $94.99

AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a web service that enables AWS customers to manage access and permissions in AWS. With IAM, it will serve as a one-stop shop service of AWS to regulate access and permission.

In this course, you’ll start by diving into the world of IAM, learning all of the important concepts and functionalities that AWS IAM provides. Then, you’ll learn to create and efficiently handle IAM users, groups, and credentials. You’ll find out how to troubleshoot common IAM issues and delegate access to the billing console and the AWS account using roles.

Finally, you’ll discover how to integrate IAM with other Amazon Web Services. By the end, you’ll have gained a solid knowledge of AWS IAM service for efficient identity and access management.

About the Author

Jess Dale Dela cruz has more than a decade of experience in C#, .NET, and SQL. After obtaining his master’s degree in computer science, Jess has worked as a professor, trainer, project manager, and tech lead in various organizations. For the last five years, he has worked as a team lead for a team that specializes in SharePoint and .NET Development. He specializes in AWS and Microsoft SQL Server.


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