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Deploy Office 365 For Your Family

Deploy Office 365 For Your Family

Price: $94.99

Have you ever wanted a custom email address (like Have you ever wanted to get your kids an email address, but are too nervous about who they might email (or maybe worse…who might email them)? Do you wish there was a seamless platform you could use to backup and store your files online while still maintaining a very high level of privacy?

If any of those questions rang any bells or piqued any interest, this course is for you. My family has been using Office 365’s ‘Business’ plan for several years for our online communication and file storage needs, and there are a ton of great reasons why this platform makes a lot of sense for today’s busy and connected families.

This course is all about demystifying the Office 365 platform, and giving practical and useful tips on how it can be used to serve families with children of all ages. This course is designed so that you do NOT have to be an IT professional to set it up. We’ll walk through every concept step by step, and we’ll cover only what you need to know to get the job done. There are hands-on demo videos, assignment guides, and a private Facebook group where you can connect with your fellow students (and me!) to ask any questions or get any help you may need. We’ll make it easy, and we’ll help you get your family up and running with Office 365 in no time.

We’ll go over a ton of concepts in this course, but some highlights include:

  • Registering a domain name and establishing your own identity

  • Setting up your own Office 365 tenant (and yes, we talk about what a tenant is!)

  • Creating users and groups

  • Discussing what types of Office 365 licenses you do (and don’t) need

  • Introduction and ‘how to’ videos on installing and using all of the common Microsoft Office applications, including PC, Mac, and mobile clients

Not only that, but there’s also a ton of bonus content included (more being added as the course grows) that helps you learn specific ways to protect and enhance your family’s online experiences. Bonus content available as of now includes:

  • Streamline Your Family Finances: Learn how to effectively use groups, shared calendars, and Teams to make bill payment a breeze for couples and families to keep track of

  • Email Security for Kids: Learn how to easily limit and monitor the email communication to and from your kids accounts. Learn how to easily set up whitelists for who they can and cannot email, and also learn how to be copied on their communications. Learn how to easily modify these lists in the future, and how to have great conversations with your kids about online security and the importance of being safe online.

  • Add Multiple Domains: Maybe you’d like each of your family members to have their own domain name (,, maybe you want to include some extended family into your Office 365 setup, or maybe you’re a consultant and want to mesh your personal and professional online identities in one email inbox. We’ll talk about how to do this, why it might be useful, and what limitations might exist.

I look forward to meeting you through the course, and look forward to learning together!


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