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Deploying Microsoft Office 365 in Okta

Deploying Microsoft Office 365 in Okta

Price: $19.99


Join over 60,000 students who already trust their training to me and get all these goodies:

  • TRY BEFORE YOU BUY: All lectures in the first section are available as FREE preview

  • NUMEROUS VIDEO LECTURES: Learn from a 25-year veteran of the IT industry

  • ALL-NEW VISUALS: Because who wants to look at walls of text on PowerPoint slides?

  • HANDS-ON DEMONSTRATIONS: See WHAT you have to do and HOW to do it

  • 30-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: Not happy with the course? Simply request a refund within 30 days

Complete this course to learn how to deploy and configure an existing Microsoft 365 deployment in Okta.

60,000 Students Can’t Be Wrong. Read What My Students Say About Me:

  • “Hands down the best training material out there.”

  • “I just want to thank you for these courses once more. With sole help from your courses and studying on my own, I was able to take and pass the test with flying colors, only getting one question wrong.”

  • “This course was PERFECT for the exam. I took your course and easily passed the exam.”

  • “I enjoyed the training. I’ve taken and passed the exam.”

  • “I passed the exam: 909/1000 Thank you Thomas.”

Being a 25+ year veteran of the IT industry, I’ve planned, architected, and deployed thousands of solutions, including many Microsoft 365 / Okta integrations. With this course, you can now tap into my expansive real-world knowledge to grow your own IT skillset. Not only does this make you feel good about your own knowledge, but it also vastly improves your earning potential!

Enroll today and learn everything you need to know to successfully integrate Microsoft 365 and Okta:

  • Learn How to Add Office 365 to Okta

  • Learn How to Configure Single Sign-On in Okta for Office 365

  • Learn How to Integrate Traditional AD with Okta

  • Learn How to Provision Users to Office 365 in Okta

  • Learn How to Assign Office 365 To Users and Groups in Okta

  • Learn How to Secure Office 365 Using App Sign-On Policies in Okta

  • Learn About Advanced Okta Integration Topics for Office 365

Add important Okta skills to your toolbelt by enrolling today! This course will even help prepare you for Okta certification!


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