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Deploying Windows Virtual Desktop in Microsoft Azure

Deploying Windows Virtual Desktop in Microsoft Azure

Price: $19.99

In this course, you will learn how to deploy Windows Virtual Desktop, step-by-step, in Microsoft Azure. You’ll complete the following steps to prepare the infrastructure for your deployment:

  • Deploy the Necessary Azure Resources to Support WVD in Azure

  • Configure a Custom Domain for Azure AD

  • Deploy and Configure Azure AD Domain Services

  • Deploy Azure AD Domain Services vNet and Subnet

  • Provision a Management Server for Azure AD Domain Services

  • Perform Necessary Network Peering

Once the infrastructure is provisioned, you’ll deploy and configure Windows Virtual Desktop. To perform these tasks, you’ll complete the following steps:

  • Perform a Windows Virtual Desktop Deployment

  • Create and Share a Desktop with Users

  • Configure Apps for Users

  • Customize the Windows Virtual Desktop workspace

  • Optimize Windows Virtual Desktop in Microsoft Azure

  • Configure FSLogix with an Azure File Share to Host Profile Disks

When you finish this Windows Virtual Desktop course, you’ll have a fully-functioning Windows Virtual Desktop environment built completely in Azure. You can then use this lab to experiment with some hands-on assignments.


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