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Develop Mobile Data Collection Solutions using Kobo Toolbox

Develop Mobile Data Collection Solutions using Kobo Toolbox

Price: $19.99

More organizations than ever before are embracing the switch from data collection using paper forms to using mobile devices. This is so due to the benefits of mobile data collection that include better data quality, speed and convenience, as well as being low cost.

One of the best platforms for developing and deploying mobile data collection forms is Kobo Toolbox. The platform which includes a mobile app for data collection and web based tools for developing forms, aggregating data, managing data, and data visualizations, is by far the most feature rich and can be used throughout an organization’s data management cycle.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

– Develop a data collection form in Kobo Toolbox

– Implement skip and validation logic

– Deploy the form into mobile devices

– Collect and upload data

– View and download data

– Visualize data using reports and maps


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