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Develop Positive Habits for Confidence, Health & Success

Develop Positive Habits for Confidence, Health & Success

Price: $94.99

  • Over 235,000 people from 194 countries enrolled in our courses

  • Featured in “Entrepreneur”, “FoxNews” and “Business Insider” magazines

  • Winner of the first Udemy Innovation Award

  • Overall, 30,000+ TOP Reviews

  • Canadian Memory Champion

  • Speakers at international stages such as DNX, MindvalleyU, Digital|K and WeFest Japan

  • Polyglots

  • Explored 76 countries learning about habit creation

If you’ve ever wondered what makes top achievers get more done in less time …

If you’ve ever wanted to know why some people make more money than they need while you scrounge for peanuts …

If you’re desperate for personal autonomy and want an opportunity to predict and create personal success …

We want to give you an exposé of how you can easily “copy and paste” the secrets of achievement into your life.

The Habit Mastery Formula contains ten (10) focused modules chocked full of procedures, outlines and blueprints you can emulate.

You’ll discover practical steps for the following:

  • How to get more done in less time (you’ll be surprised by just how easy this is).

  • How to replace negative habits that bring you down with positive ones that raise you up (something you really can do overnight).

  • How habits let you create powerful and positive relationships

  • Exactly when and how to meditate so you never miss a session, truly understand “enlightenment” and experience happiness all day long.

  • Health and fitness secrets that even total newbies can learn and implement right away. (This is what lets people brand spanking new to getting in shape hold the course and completely transform their bodies in record time.)

  • How to read and stay current without losing time or getting bored. Just imagine how much smarter you would be if you could add just one new book a week to your mental life without pain, strain or frustration.

  • The secret habits of writers who astound us with their productivity – you’ll be able to knock out great material with these tips even if you find writing extremely hard and even hate it.

  • How to get an unlimited number of creative ideas from your mind. It’s almost like programming a computer, except it’s much, much easier than that.

  • Clever ways (used by some of the world’s most successful people) to track, measure and evaluate your progress. Not all of these are “orthodox,” but they get results and you can be sure that most people aren’t using these simple techniques.

  • How to identify and eliminate the threats that currently derail your success. One small change you can make today will completely protect you from tipping the boat ever again – and it’s ridiculously easy to implement too.

  • The truth about “morning rituals” and exactly when you can give yourself a break and not derail your most important habits.

  • How to overcome your inborn resistance to change without anxiety. People often feel pressured to change and totally freeze. But with these tips, you won’t “choke up” or get stressed as you make important life transformations for the better.

  • And a whole lot more, including …

How to sleep better … secret “tricks” for thinking at a higher level … dignified ways to make the best out of bad situations … how to understand what money is and use it better … how to feel positive and energetic even when you have “brain fog” … and even …

Exactly How To Formulate A “Double Your Success” Detailed Life Plan

Just one of these lifestyle, mindset and habit strategies could make your life much easier, your employment or business more lucrative and everything you do much more fun.

Imagine experiencing more liberty and freedom in your life … feeling more relaxed … fretting less … not being impacted by the chaos of life like everyone else.

This is exactly how Anthony Metivier and Jimmy Naraine live their lives every day. This exciting video course is your chance to peer into their minds and “legally steal” their personal operating systems for traveling the world, creating messages that matter and living in healthy bodies that perform on demand.

We’ve spent decades earning our knowledge through trial and error. Yet here we are, giving it to you on a silver platter.

It’s entirely up to you. You can spend your life spinning your wheels and working like a beast trying to figure it all out. Or you can leap over the years of struggle we went through and learn from two people who have mastered the power of habits. They keep growing as they navigate the jungles of life and so can you.

Take action today and invest in The Habit Mastery Formula today.

Get ready for more time, more health (even more money in your pocket), plus far less strife and strain in your life. It all starts now when you join The Habit Mastery Formula now.

See what students say about this course:

“perfect scenery, perfect sound, perfect video, good content”Martin Konicek

“I really enjoyed this course by 2 superstar instructors. My favorite parts were Psychic Nostril Breathing (which I have already added to my meditation practice), and the interview with Peter Sage. Thanks for the great course!” Leland Prouty

I’ve only gotten through a couple of exercises but I must say it has completely changed the way I view my shitty job right now. I see it more as a stepping stone than a burden, since now I’ve learned to contextualize it within the coordinates of my long-term life vision and life goals. I highly recommend this course.” Gabriel Raffucci

So important – to create new, healthy habits. I like both Jimmy’s and Antony’s way of presenting the material”Erich Jess

“Thank you, it was really inspiring and helped me to understand the nature of good and bad habits!)”
Denis Melnikov

“I had an beautiful experience taking this course. I really liked the division of this course and the way this course is designed and there is so much information and encouragement in this course. The fact that the creators encourage you to write books, even if you never thought you are a writer material is really revolutionary. The positive side of having money is another revolutionary idea for me. The way section on mediation is designed is really wonderful. I feel I have the strength to try meditation which I have been putting off for years. I felt the section on Morning routine lacked details. Wanted to know how to start the morning routine from scratch and for a person who has accumulated all the bad habits in the world. In the end would like to say Great course and must take for everyone.”Vaneet Aggarwal

“they have kept me interested, that is the most important thing right now. Thank you” Keith A Koehler

Take the course now and learn how to build powerful habits and how to destroy the negative ones. We are excited to see you on the other side.


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