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Develop Your Spiritual Creativity God’s Way

Develop Your Spiritual Creativity God’s Way

Price: $84.99

If you have a Christian Faith and you are wanting to learn more about how to be creative from a spiritual perspective, you will find tools in this course that will encourage and motivate you to release authentic expressions of art.

If your’e checking out this course, I’m guessing you have a passion for releasing authentic expressions of art that brings glory to our Heavenly Father.

You might be a worship leader, sing in a worship team, a songwriter, a painter, a dancer, a poet….

But maybe you’re a little stuck.

Maybe you know you have a gift, that God has called you, maybe you have a wealth of ideas and you don’t know where its start, or maybe you have writers block and your’e simply, well….stuck.

Like a lot of creative people, you may have even experienced rejection and feel broken, and just not sure how to pull yourself out of that space to move forward because your afraid of being hurt again.

Well I have good news for you…

It’s time for you to rise up and be all God has destined you to be.

There’s only one you – and what you have to release is unique and The Lord wants you to release what he placed inside of you.

I know how you feel…..I have been there too, I know what its like to feel stuck for whatever reason, but I also know the healing power of Jesus that has transformed the way I not only minister and create, but the whole way I do life.

It’s been rewarding, fulfilling, filled with purpose and excitement….and I want the same for you too! Why? Because I believe that worship leaders, artists, painters, dancers {insert your gift here}…

We have the potential to transform nations with the presence of Jesus through our artistic expressions.

Maybe that seems too grand for you, but I want to tell you something – It’s happened across the centuries with so many artists, so why can’t it also happen to you? Why can’t you be the one to release something that releases the atmosphere of Heaven over peoples lives?

As a minister who trains and teaches creatives across the globe, I also see so many of us stuck in the same patterns – for example, really gifted people however they have no plan or map or even an idea of how God wants to use you and what gifts he has placed inside of you.

You don’t have to live like that. God is giving you an invitation to live your best life, and I would be honoured to be a part of that journey.

This online course is jam packed not just with information but tools – I want to give you a tool belt. I want to give you an action plan, I want to help release you into all God has for you.

So what’s in the course?

  • How you can create with impact & release God’s presence through your worship/art;

  • How to Hear from God for your future dreams;

  • Deal with rejection, brokenness & how to receive healing;

  • Goal setting & Direction – tools to dream your future with an action plan to get there;

  • Activation exercises to help you get to the core of what you were born for;

  • Your secret weapon in times of discouragement and fear;

  • I’ve also included a PDF of impacting identity statements you can use to drive out some of those negative thought processes that can plague your success;

  • And finally there are also a prayer you can print out that will help you overcome the root of rejection and dissapointment, as well as a daily prayer you can pray based on the Lords Prayer in scripture – but I’ve tailored especially for artists.

I’m excited about what we can achieve together when we have vision, passion, and healing in our lives.

I would love you to join me as we explore together how to overcome obstacles so that you can be the God Artist God has destined you to be. I look forward to seeing you in the course!


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