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Digital Payment Mandate NACH in India

Digital Payment Mandate NACH in India

Price: $94.99

Direct Debit and Direct payment is a very old, cost-effective and popular method to pay for your recurring utility bills, loan EMI etc. And direct payment is used to get a salary, social benefits, and other incoming recurring or one-time payments. Such an automatic payment system for recurring obligations and receivables are used in many countries and is a very popular method among all age groups.

In this business-oriented course, we will understand about NACH and Aadhar Payment Bridge System in India.

“NO Technical Integration, Programming and Bank Account entries discussed in the course” We have a course on NACHA, NACH, Bacs as separate course as well. This section is covered in that course as well.

(Please see the course overview, before enrolling)

In the business-oriented course learn about;

What is NACH in India, NACH features, NACH benefits, Mandate Management System, ISO 20022 messaging for direct debit, NACH participants, NACH mandate flow, NACH files types, file flows, host to host process in NACH, NACH debit transaction process, NACH credit transaction process, NACH settlement accounts, Aadhaar Payment Bridge System (APBS), Aadhaar Based Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) System, a few important points of Aadhaar Payment Bridge System, Risks and challenges in ACH, NACH? National Automated Clearing House (NACH)

We look forward to meeting you in the course.

Happy Learning.


Team – Finance and More

“Our aim is to deliver good quality and 5 Star training to our students and clients”


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